Sometimes it seems as if every slot machine enthusiast has their own secret formula for hitting it big. While the actual effectiveness of any one slot machine strategy can be hard to gauge, those who love to play the slots can have endless fun discussing their favorite techniques, good luck charms and machine choices.

Some players swear that the slot machines located just inside the casino doors offer the highest payouts. That would seem to make sense, since hearing the sound of a big jackpot can encourage new arrivals to stay and try their own luck. Of course the casinos keep their own counsel when it comes to payout percentages and winning machines, but it can be fun to seek out those lucky machines.

Other slot machine enthusiasts insist that their lucky charms can work magic, and you often see those good luck pieces lined up along the side of the machine like talismen. Whether you believe in that particular superstition or not, it can be a lot of fun to collect your own lucky charms and see how their presence affects your slot play.

Sometimes simply walking around the casino floor and looking at the slot machines can give you a feel for which games you like the most. Frequent slot machine players often report that a particular machine just calls out to them, and that can be a lucky sign. If you are playing at a new casino for the first time, you may want to spend a few minutes just walking around and getting a feel for the place.

If you are already a slot machine enthusiast, chances are you already have your favorite machines and favorite games. Taking a few minutes to get acquainted with the new casino or slot parlor can help you spot those favorites, and perhaps find a few others you have not played before.

If you are a frequent visitor to a particular casino or slot parlor, you may want to watch out for special deals and giveaways. Many casinos offer freebies and other special items to their valuable players, and this can be a great way to make your play even more rewarding. Depending on the casino, you may be able to win some great prizes, or even some free money to play with. No matter what the perks, those giveaways can make your slot play even more fun and rewarding.