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One of the very best games you can play from the amazing software developer that is Microgaming is Major Millions Mega Spin. This game is the predecessor to the original Major Millions 3 Slot game which offered a single payline slot with 3 reels that quickly gained a high level or popularity over the years due to the progressive jackpot it had to offer. The new version of the game though is incredibly better as it will allow you to play six separate slot games all at the same time. This games you 6 times the chances to win the extremely huge Major Millions Progressive Jackpots. That means you have the chance to win a massive amount of money which only increase how much excitement you’re getting out of the game.

The Major Millions was a slot game that was favorite by many people and Major Millions Mega Spin Slot Game carries on the traditions of offering the classic feel with a hint of modern day slot games to the players. This creates a much better gaming experience on a game loved by so many people. You will see the triple bars, double bars, single bars, cherries, the red 7’s, blue 7’s and white 7’s are also all available in the game. The logo for Major Millions is the symbol that acts as a wild. This will allow for you to get double the win on one symbols and get quadruple the win if you were to land on two different Major Million Logo’s. The graphics of this game are absolutely incredible and run under the Microgaming Viper Software. It still offers the classic feel of the original game and this game is also gaining quick popularity in the licensed out MicroGaming software casinos.

You have a good amount of range when it comes to wagering at the Major Millions Mega Spin Game. You can bet at the minimum of $0.60 every spin and then you can also wager at the maximum of $10 every spin. This means that the game caters to every single type of play may it be a high roller, mid roller or a low roller every single one of game can enjoy the different opportunities that the game has to offer to the players. The progressive jackpot in this game is absolutely amazing as it can go up to $50,000 – $25,000 grand and everywhere in-between. This is a wonderful amount of money that players can win at the casino and it constantly draws them into the casino. Could you imagine if you landed on the progressive jackpot of $50,000 with only a $0.60 wager.

There are no other special features that are available in the Major Millions Mega Spin game other than the multiplier and wild symbols itself. The Major Millions Symbols will act as not just a wild but also as a multiplier within this slot game. Getting just one of these Major Millions Symbols will double your win and two of them will increase your win by four.

The Major Millions Mega Spin Slot Game offers all kinds of different exciting and thrilling moments to the players. You receive the classic feel of the original slot and they have perfected the game completely. Microgaming has never done a better job with a game than they have done of this one and it is the perfect edition into the Mega Spin Series that MicroGaming has had over the years.

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