Protection betting, as mentioned at Wikipedia, is mostly used in poker, but has also been seen with a number of other games such as pokies. With this article however we will have a look at whether players choose to use protection betting when playing poker or is it something that comes naturally. We will also explore the reasons behind it and look at ways to get out of it.

Early in their no limit poker careers protection betting is most common as these new players are trying to play in the game for as long as possible, but also want to win big. These player are scared easily and choose to protect themselves instead of taking chances. Novice players also take part in protection betting, sometimes without knowing it as they are focused on the game. This usually happens when players are sitting with a great pair, but also see the possibility of a straight or a flush on the table. This makes them step back to players who are betting high as they might just have one of those 2 high hands.

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After a while both beginners and novice players realize this mistake and tend to over correct the problem completely. This means these players then find themselves play too openly and becomes somewhat predictable to the other players, meaning they know when you bet and when you don’t. Poker is a tricky game and will need a level head that considers everything that goes on.

Protection betting is needed within poker sometimes. This help you protect your money when needed and also get other players who are trying to read you a little confused. If you have a good hand however don’t hold back, but try betting lower to try get more players to call your bet. When the next card is displayed on the table you can increase your bet, most players will call again due to the money they have already invested in the round. If you still have an extremely strong hand you will be able to increase your bet even more with the last card, most players will then either fold or call if they think you are bluffing. This however is just about the opposite of protection betting, but will through off those who are trying to see your betting methods. Just be sure not to do this with a weak hand as you will lose a lot of money and other players will be able to see the logic behind your methods.

Players need to remember that poker is one of the most difficult games to learn and play professionally. The game takes years to learn and many hours to master to a point where you can call yourself a pro. So don’t beat yourself up when you make silly mistakes at the casino and lose, but be sure to learn from it. Also get yourself a gambling account, which is basically an account where you deposit funds that are there to play your games of choice. If in the need of information about where best to play, then consider They have plenty of valuable information about betting, pokies and the ins and outs of online gambling, such as an article about Ocean themed pokies
and many others.