One of the newest trends with online casinos is Slot Tournaments. Slot Tournaments seems to be the rage these days as they allow players a great value for their money and the opportunity to compete against other players for some larger prize pools. Slot tournaments take a number of different forms. There are the larger ones that usually run on specific days and include guaranteed prize pools. There are also tournaments that state once a certain amount of players have entered. These can include a set prize pool or allow for re-buys which will increase the prize pool. Also, players are able to find network wide slot tournaments that will offer substantial prizes and often run for a week or longer.

Slot Tournaments allow people to get into the game for a small amount of money and provide the right to be champion should the slots be on your side!


The Benefits of Playing Slot Tournaments

Playing in slot tournament offers some great benefits. The first of those is the ability to get into a tournament for a relative small investment and potential increase your casino balance with a large prize. Most tournaments will allow for multiple prizes to be won with each tournament. This can be hundreds of paid positions or as little as ten positions. The standard play time you will receive when playing in a tournament is 8-10 minutes with some increasing to 15 minutes. During that time you are given a preset amount of tournament dollars to win as much as you can. If you wish and are able, you can re-buy into the game and continue to improve your place in the tourney. That alone provides great value.

They also give you an opportunity to exposure yourself to slot games you may not have played. Often people tend to play the same games each time they visit the casino. They tend to get comfortable with the games they know and often fail to go beyond those slots. By playing in a tournament and playing a game you have yet to play you are able to learn the slots features, find its rhythm and maybe find a new favorite slot in the process.

For those who have limited bankrolls the slot tournaments are a fantastic addition that allows them for increased play time. Online software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming and RealTime Gaming all offer such tournaments. Each changes up the games on a regular basis which only makes it that much better as some games may not be to your liking. They also include freeroll slot tournaments for those who may be low on funds in their player account or simply wish to play a tournament without having to invest any of their own money to do so. In some cases the casino will offer up some larger prize pools for the freeroll events during special occasions such as the casinos anniversary or Christmas. It is always a wise thing to review the tournaments any casino may be offering in order to avoid missing out on some potential free cash opportunities.

A full feature online casino will always offer online slot tournaments so be sure to look for this before you register a player account. It might just turn out to be the best decision you made.