UK Online Gaming Firm, Juniper Research, conducted a survey early on this month which predicted that mobile betting wagers would reach a maximum of sixty two billion dollars by the end of 2018. This is six times larger than the amount which was wagered for mobile casino games in 2013.

The survey was named “Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Betting & Lotteries 2013-2018”. This study revealed that mobile casino operators will need to offer a high quality mobile software which allows for players to be immersed into the experience, grow in quality and offer plenty of winning opportunities. Through these mobile casinos would be able to see more player activity which in return would allow for the casinos to gain more profit, eventually as a whole online casinos will bring in $62 Billion Dollars.

Before any of those numbers can be hit Juniper said that the online gambling market will need to be regulated as a whole by the United States of America on a federal level. This in return would allow for one of the largest gambling populations to be able to enjoy their favorite mobile casino games at any time. The majority of Americans love to gamble and are in favor of the legalization for online gambling.

Sian Rowlands, a reporter for the survey commented on the survey saying, “The lack of a legal and regulated online gambling market in the United States of America still to this day puts a major impact on the profits earned by online casinos. If the USA legalizes and regulates online gambling will be able to see profit never before seen within the online gambling market.”