Amaya Gaming, who is based in Canada, have reported that they saw a loss of $7,440,841 during the first quarter.  This is not something that wasn’t expected due to recent acquisitions such as Cryptologic.

Some of the key areas of the first quarter report show that revenue was up 495% at CDN $38,054,257. The overall expenses for the same period were $34.37 million, which is up 357% from the previous quarter of 2012. The CEO of Amaya stated “We are actually happy with the results and the positive flow of cash that has been generated. This is something we also focus on and will continue to do so. We also have seen our efforts expanded with the U.S.A with partnerships being created with the SHFL and Aristocrat as well as Bally.”

Amaya understands that new markets are coming online and they are committed to ensure they meet all regulatory rules in order to be in the proper position to offer their games to those within those new jurisdictions. They are positioned well to enter these new markets and will continue to see new growth over the remainder of the 2013 year. The U.S.A is one of those markets that companies such as Amaya are watching carefully.