The Season Two Finale for Arrow, a comic book based television show that appears on the CW Network is said to be full of surprises. Last year the season one finale was the day of the undertaking, Oliver had to fend off the dark archer resulting in what he thought to be the death of the dark archer. Never the less Oliver is able to save Starling City from the Undertaking and have those at culprit put into prison for their actions. Oliver also finds out that one of the people closest to him are one of the people responsible for the undertaking.


The producer behind Arrow made a statement regarding the season two finale saying, “We wanted to make sure that the season two finale was bigger and better than the season one finale. We realized this would be difficult as the undertaking was incredible finale for any season of any show. So this time we wanted to make sure that an all out war would occur between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. Oliver will have allies and enemies work alongside him to bring down Slade Wilson and his army of Mirakuru Assassins. It result in one of the most action based finales of any television show.”

The Arrow Season Two Finale is set for Wednesday, May 14th 2014. You will be able to watch it on the CW Network if you live in the United States of America or on CTV if you live in Canada.