Delaware, the second state within the USA that has legalized online gambling has announced that their expanding the online betting options that they offer. This announcement came from the Vernon Kirk, the state’s Lottery Director.

Mr. Kirk commented on the future of Delaware’s online gambling via a radio interview at WDDE-FM. He commented saying, “Our online gambling is now available on the Mac computers and with that more betting options will come to the computer software. Also Mac users will gain exclusive slot machines, table games, card games and mobile content as well.”

He continued on by saying, “Everything that is becoming exclusive to the Mac will be available in the next few months, there is no particular timeline that we have but we can ensure Mac users that they are coming. This will help continue the growth in popularity in our online gambling industry and it’ll help our players have a more enjoyable experience on the Mac.”

Kirk also noted the number of player accounts that have been registered in his state. Though the number of player accounts registered are not even close to the amount that has registered New Jersey. Mr. Kirk said that nearly four thousand people have registered an account within Delaware and all together their players have wagered more than $8.2 Million dollars as of right now.

The list of new betting options that are coming to Mac computers will be revealed in January of 2014. When the new information on the betting options are revealed we will keep you updated.