Fox News has just announced that is has done a deal with the World Poker Tour to televise the next 3 seasons of the WPT. This deal will commence at the end of August as the WPT stops in at the Bicycle Casino, located in California.

Adam Pliska, the President of the World Poker Tour stated “The strategy behind expanding our reach on a global scale is one step closer with this new deal. We initially only started with eighteen events and now have 60 events worldwide including local events and national events. This agreement will include almost one hundred hours of programming. It also allows the World Poker Tour to be the main source for top rated poker television in the United States for many years”

Davis Sussin, the Vice President of Programming for the Fox Network stated “ Fox is most happy with the closing and signing of this agreement and our partnering with such a recognizable brand such as the World Poker Tour. The events continue to set record numbers of viewers and we will work hard to increase those numbers by providing quality coverage of the WPT events”