France, the most romantic country on Earth announced that their online gambling tax revenues have taken a hit in 2013. The report which was released by the ARJEL, a French online gambling regulator stated that the tax revenue for 2013 went down by a small amount showing that players are still active but not wagering as much as they once used to.

During the full year of 2013 France was only able to bring in a total of €325 Million in Tax revenues which is lower than the amount they brought in for 2012 which was €327 Million. This means that France only lost a total of two million Euros in tax revenue for 2013 which is good compared to other European countries who are struggling to keep online gambling a float.

Horse Racing stood as the most profitable form of online gambling for the country bringing in a total of €160 Million out of the €325 that was earned this year. Video poker on the other hand was able to bring in a total of €86 Million. Sports Betting continued to provide good numbers for 2013 with a total income in tax revenue of €79 Million.

The tax revenues for 2013 have been bogged down due to the poor poker performance that has occurred throughout the year of 2013 and 2014 in France. This dropped player activity for poker by 18% which saw a lower amount of profit. In total one billion Euros was wagered through online gambling in France, sports betting was the saviour at the end of the day though.