Two famous gaming regulators for the online gambling industry Alderney and Malta announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This new Memorandum will allow for the two gaming regulators to help each other investigate and learn about any potential issues for any illegal online gambling.

This new agreement gives Malta Lotteries and Alderney Gambling Control Commission to share all of the information they have gained regarding any investigations, cloud regulation, player liquidity, remote gaming services, service location issues and more. Connecting all of this information with one another will allow for them to solve illegal gambling issues faster than ever before.

Commenting on this new agreement is the CEO of Alderney Andre Wilsenach said, “This is an important step in the development process for both of our companies. It is extremely hard to find information on certain issues that we need to take care of. Both Malta and Alderney now have the ability to access each other’s systems which will give us more information to work with. This will allow us to solve the issues we have at hand at a faster rate. This will also allow for both of our companies to be reduced in cost as we will sometimes have to go to outside sources for help.”

The LGA Chairman Mario Galea also added to this agreement saying, “This will allow for our two jurisdictions to work with one another and come to conclusions about issues that our companies have common value on. We look forward to protecting the gambling public with the help of Malta.”