The Malta Law Enforcement Authorities announced today that they conducted a raid on six different locations that were considered to be connected to a ring of illegal online gambling activities. The raid was considered to be hostile in case any of those connected to this illegal online gambling ring took action into their own hands.

The Criminal Investigations Department of Malta was the Law Enforcement Agency that carried out this raid alongside their partners the Rapid Intervention Unit. Eleven people were interrogated during these raids and over forty thousand euro’s was found hidden away. None of those connected took action into their hands against the CIDM or RIU. A large amount of computers were also found during these raids and are now being looked at for any other potential clue’s that could show anyone else connected to this online gambling ring.

The names of those who were apart of this illegal gambling ring have not been stated in the public by the Malta Law Enforcement Authorities. Malta is known for being strict with their gambling laws for online and land based gambling. Anyone considered of illegal gambling activity is hunted down and convicted of a variety of different charges. This story will continue to unfold as the authorities of the Malta Law Enforcement Agencies will release more information about those convicted and their parts in the illegal gambling ring. We will keep you updated on anything new that happens in this case.