Microgaming is one known been able to remain as one of the number one developers in the online gambling industry. They have been able to do this by developing incredible slot machines, table games and card games. They have also been able to remain as one of the best developers by offering multiple tournaments to their fans.


are the only developers in the online gambling industry that do this, they do so by contacting all the casinos that license out their software and ask them if they’d like to participate in a Multiplayer Network Tournament. The majority of the time each casino will oblige with these tournaments as it increases their player activity and brings in more money for the casino.

Microgaming announced today that nearly every casino that licenses out their software in the European Union will be participating in a Multiplayer Network Tournament this August. Microgaming just made a short statement saying, “Players can look forward to a new Multiplayer Network Tournament very soon. This tournament will be coming to players located in Europe in August.”

Microgaming didn’t reveal which casinos will be participating in this tournament as of yet but you can be ensured that whichever casino does participate in this tournament they will also offer incredible bonuses for punters relating to the tournament. This in return will increase player activity that much more while at the same time impressing their punters. It is believed that this will be a slot based tournament.