Douglas Corbin, has chosen to plead guilty to the charges of federal racketeering for his part in operating and illegal sport betting site online. This site in question was It accepted wagers to various sporting events around the world. It was not licensed nor was it legally allowed to accept wagers from American punters.

Corbin was fined $100,000 for his involvement and is facing jail time which will be dished out at a sentencing hearing later in July. It is believed that those behind were members of the infamous Gambino crime syndicate. If this is to be true then it is a good day for those who patrol and put an end to others who look to take advantage of players let alone tarnish the good work done by those who operate legal sportbooks and act in an appropriate manner.

Dan Depreta, who headed up 44Wager has already plead guilty to the same charges earlier in the year so Corbin’s plea was of no real surprise.