Rational Entertainment, the owners behind PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have decided to forego their pursuit of the Atlantic City Club Casino located in the state of New Jersey in Atlantic City.

Rational Entertainment advised the state’s division of gaming that is has chosen to no longer attempt to acquire the near bankrupt casino. The regular was alerted to this changed via letter that was dated July 17th. It stated that Rational has no interest in acquiring the club any longer.

Rational had made a significant investment towards the purchase of the casino and had already advanced it $11 million in order to help the casino with their losses. In return the casino decided the best course of action would be to accept the deal and then back out of it without returning the money it was advanced. Rational will be taking action to have those funds returned to it but it is unclear if they will succeed as the motion filed was nullified by the letter.

It is unsure how any other potential buyer would be interested in doing business with Atlantic casino due to the scrupulous business dealings that have performed with Rational Entertainment. The club blamed their decision on the fact that Rational was denied a license by the state.