The ISIS Lab Corporation has announced the launch of their friend social online casino called “ISIS Friends”. The social casino will allow for players looking to have a more social experience do so in a regulated zone. ISIS Friends plans of targeting the United Kingdom online gambling market with a harsh advertising campaign in hopes that more players with register accounts with the new social casino.

The Chief Excusive, Officer, Chairman and President of ISIS Daniel Kajouie commented on the launching of their new social casino saying, “The launch of our new online social casino is exciting to say the least. We have spent more than two years creating this casino for our loyal fans and new players. We hope that the experience our players receive will be like none other than they have ever had before.”

He continued on by saying, “We love to be a part of online gambling and creating the future of it. Our partnership with Cladstone will allow us to enter the UK Gambling market in full force. We plan on launching with hundreds of different games. Players will be able to share their casino activities on Facebook or Twitter. They’ll also be happy to know that the casino is secure, safe and regulated wherever its offered.”

Social Gaming has progressively become more popular within the last couple of years. Software developers and gaming groups from all over have been working hard to release their new social online casinos. Isis Lab Corporations online social casino is sure to impress online punters.”